Samsung goes after Apple fans, again!, in new commercial

Mon, Jan 23, 2012


In addition to going after Apple in the legal realm, Samsung isn’t pulling any punches with its advertising campaign either.

Samsung a few weeks ago kicked off a new campaign that attempts to portray Apple fans as fad following lemmings who blindly and moronically stand outside of Apple stores ready to purchase the latest Apple gizmo in a futile effort to appear cool. Truthfully, the commercials are quite funny and the latest example highlights the turn-by-turn maps navigation that comes built into the Samsung Galaxy S II, a feature which doesn’t come standard on the iPhone.

And per usual, the Samsung user depicted is hip and cool while the Apple fans are still waiting outside in line for launch day and eager to take the first unboxing photos. Ha! As they say, it’s funny because it’s true.

The commercial also introduces us to a new word, “Samsunged!” As in, we just found out the Samsung Galaxy S II has a feature the iPhone doesn’t. “Dude ,we’ve been Samsunged.”

Say what you will about Samsung’s copying ways, and indeed, the company seems to have absolutely zero respect for the intellectual property of others, but their advertisements are quite good.


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