Zynga is falling apart

Tue, Oct 16, 2012


Revenue is down, key employees continue to leave, and the stock price successfully continues to challenge all-time lows.

And now comes this.

In the wake of several upper level employee departures, Zynga has taken to the Courts over one in particular, alleging that one former general manager Alan Patmore took some of the company’s “most sensitive and commercially valuable data.”

Patmore stopped working at Zynga back in August, whereupon he left to work for Kixeye, one of Zynga’s rivals.

In the filing, Zynga claims that Patmore amassed 760 documents from his work computer, and backed them up online before his last day. Further, Zynga claims in the complaint that the data is important enough that it could be used to “improve a competitor’s internal understanding and know-how of core game mechanics and monetization techniques, its execution and ultimately its market standing to compete more effectively with Zynga.”

Zynga says Patmore took files that are critically important to the game maker’s business, including revenue projections, monetization plans, more than 10 unreleased game design documents, employee compensation details, strategic road maps, and his entire email box, containing 14 months of confidential communications. ”In short, Patmore copied virtually every email he received or sent while he was a GM at Zynga,” the complaint reads.

Yep, it looks like the Farm is about to go belly up, if you catch my drift. Since going public a few months ago, shares of the company have plummeted by 76%.

All Things D has the full scoop over here


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